Our aims

At Victoria Park Infant School, we aim to provide a secure and happy, caring and stimulating environment in which children question, investigate, discuss and develop the necessary skills and attitudes to enable them to grow into well balanced members of society.

We also seek to help children feel valued and to gain enjoyment as well as success from learning. In this way we hope to encourage children to become independent learners. High quality education and a fair, secure, stimulating and caring environment is the entitlement of every child who attends our school.

Achieving these aims requires a partnership between, parents, teaching and non-teaching staff, Governors and Victoria Park Junior School. Through this partnership, we will provide a welcoming atmosphere and promote good working relationships with the wider community.

We offer a well planned, broad and balanced curriculum which gives equal emphasis to intellectual, physical, spiritual, moral and social skills.

This includes:

  • Creating a happy, stimulating environment where children will be encouraged and motivated to explore, discover and learn.
  • Encouragement and enjoyment of reading.
  • Ensuring a command of basic English and the ability to communicate with others.
  • Encouraging scientific curiosity.
  • Developing physical skills through all aspects of PE.
  • Developing understanding of people, places and events, present and past.
  • Encouraging an appreciation of art and music.
  • Helping children to learn that courtesy, good manners and consideration of others are important.

We also recognise that all our children have a right to equal education opportunities, valuing race, gender, disability, social background and religion.